Tongue Locks

Securing your trailer at the base

A tongue lock is one of the easiest tools to protect your trailer and its contents from theft. They’re one version of a coupler lock and can be compared to hitch locks. These locks are installed quickly and are an obvious security measure that lets criminals know that they might as well move right on to the next target.

The typical trailer sitting in a driveway – or even attached to a vehicle – is an easy targetfor thieves. The same convenience you find with your trailer will be shared by a thief! Trailer theft is an increasing crime and you’ll find that insurance doesn’t easily replace what you’ve lost.

How it Works

A tongue lock is simply a reinforced steel pin that fits snugly in your trailer attachment. It prevents the trailer from being hitched to a vehicle and driven away. The key to a tongue lock is its thickness. A lock that can easily be slid from its position or is vulnerable to leverage attacks won’t offer you any more protection than simply leaving the trailer unlocked.

You’ll also want to consider the locking mechanism itself. Most straight key lockscan easily be picked so it’s best to get your hands on an oddly shaped or barrel key model. When the lock is a usual shape it means that the pins that hold it secured aren’t as easy to manipulate. You’ll often find a thief unwilling to commit the time it takes to work with a difficult device!


Locks that rely on preventing your trailer from being hitched to a vehicle aren’t always the most reliable source of security. A thief can actually use the lock itself to help attach the trailer to a vehicle with a chain or rope. They’re best used in low crime areas because a seasoned trailer thief will grab the trailer and worry about removing the tongue lock later.

You should consider using this kind of device in conjunction with another type of fastener or security procedure. A tongue model that’s also secured with an alarm will delay a thief long enough for you to react to the alarm. You can also use a tongue lock with a wheel lock for added protection.